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Liz Strader

I'm Liz Strader

I'm a Meridian mom, your neighbor in District 2, and your representative on Meridian City Council.


I ran for Meridian City Council in 2019 because I wanted our residents to have a stronger voice with all of the growth we are experiencing.


In the November 2023 election, I would love to earn your vote to continue advocating for you and your family on Meridian City Council.

Meridian Firefighters

Here are my values in action: 

Chat in the Courtyard

Conservative Approach on Growth

Listening to feedback from neighborhoods as we grow helps us to build a better City. 

  • Responsible growth is our top priority

  • To build trust and avoid any conflicts of interest, I do not accept developer campaign donations 

Fire Station

Family & Community

Whether its our amazing parks,  or our fantastic events, Meridian's success is due to our focus on centering families & building community.

  • Safety as we grow is the foundation of a successful city

  • Continued investment in first responders and improving response times is critical to protecting Meridian families


Careful Use of Our Resources

Committed to remaining a debt-free city and saving taxpayer dollars.

  • Look for long-term return on investments

  • Focus on sustaining our resources (financial and natural)

  • Saving before we spend makes us successful


Sticks up for Meridian

Vocal on the key issues: 

  • Growth must pay for itself

  • Density belongs near transportation cooridors 

  • Pro-active with ACHD, West Ada, and our legislators 

  • Supporting first responders

  • Responsive and reachable; looks for practical solutions

About Liz

A little about me..

I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley and I ran for office for the first time in 2019. My neighbors and I wanted a strong voice on our City Council and a good listener. 

Since graduating from College of Idaho, my career has taken me to many unexpected places: a career in finance in New York City, working while going to NYU, starting businesses, investing in startups, raising and home schooling my (now four!) children, volunteering, and serving my community right here in Meridian.

I'm a nerd at heart. On city council, I'm notorious for my spreadsheets. I prefer proving the rate of return on budget investments to my fellow council over  ribbon cuttings and receptions. I like delving deep into how we can make the best decisions for Meridian.

I care about:

  • Developing our local Meridian economy including our job base so fewer people need to add to traffic to get to work

  • Growing wisely while protecting our quality of life 

  • Expecting developers to meet the high standards that Meridian deserves

Strader Family
  • Keeping Meridian debt-free 
  • Finding sustainable approaches to save money for taxpayers through reduced future operating costs 

  • Embracing proven technology to conserve our resources 

  • Collaborating with our partners at ACHD and West Ada to collectively address the challenges that come from growth with schools and traffic

  • Respecting our neighborhoods and the heritage that makes Meridian special 

I love to stay busy!  My favorite things to do in my spare time are spending quality time with my husband and kids, reading great books, volunteering at my synagogue and practicing my faith, baking homemade bread, doing craft projects and traveling.  Thanks for visiting the Liz Strader campaign website.


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