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Which City Council District do you cover? 

Meridian will elect City Council members by district beginning in the November 2023 election.  I represent District 2 (purple section on the map). Neighborhoods are generally listed below; please click HERE to find out the exact City Council District you live in by entering your address: ​
CC Districts
Meridian District Map

District 2 General Neighborhoods: 
Cedar Creek 
Cedar Springs (North and West)
La Mirada
Saguaro Canyon (West)
Bridgetower (East side)
Sawtooth Creek 
Cobble Field 
White Cliff
Baldwin Park 
Sienna Creek 
Woodburn West
White Acres 
Amber Creek 
Solitude Place 
Burney Glen 
Heritage Commons  
Contributions from Developers
How can I help the campaign?

This campaign is powered by hardworking neighbors from District 2 and community members throughout the city that want to set a bright future for Meridian.  We will be transparent about how your time and money are spent!  The campaign doesn't employ a bunch of consultants or managers, it's a lean operation where the candidate isn't shy about rolling up her sleeves to do the hard work! 

In the November 2023 election, I would love to earn your vote to represent you and your family again on City Council. 
Here are ways to help the campaign:
  • First and foremost, please make a plan to vote on November 7th!
  • We are working on setting up neighborhood campaign leaders in District 2 (see above) who will help lead in spreading the word in our neighborhoods during September and October. If you would like to help please email Liz at: We keep our "door knocking" simple and fun! 
  • Send an endorsement via email to: and we will feature it on our campaign social media pages
  • Help host a simple fundraiser with Liz and friends this spring or summer 
  • Donate to the campaign - thank you! Campaigns (even frugal ones!) cost money and your hard-earned dollars will go far. 
Contributions from Developers
Why aren't you accepting campaign contributions from developers?

Just like in my last campaign, I believe growth and the associated challenges (and opportunities) are our number one issue!  To maintain the trust of Meridian residents on these critical challenges its helpful to take the issue of campaign contributions from developers off the table. 

Developers are very important stakeholders in Meridian.  Our developers and builders need a fair playing field and clear expectations so they will be successful.  If we partner together on some of our most pressing challenges we can set the right course for Meridian.  
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