• Liz

2021 Meridian CC Performance Update (Coming Soon)

Stay Tuned, we are working on our annual performance update to check on the progress being made in Meridian on key campaign goals:

Represent Meridian Residents

It is critical for our citizens to have a strong voice in their local government. From hundreds of conversations, I know residents want a bigger voice, especially with the amount of growth we are experiencing.

Smarter Growth Philosophy

The growth in Meridian needs to work for us in the long-run, with high quality development patterns limiting sprawl, meeting the needs of residents and businesses, and protecting our quality of life.

Long Term Sustainability

Sustainability means long-term, cost-effective decisions that make good use of taxpayer money, protect our resources, and resilience planning for when challenges come our way. I am a vocal supporter of the need to be strong stewards of our natural resources and the importance of efficient and cost-saving technologies as we scale up.

Family Wage Jobs & Workforce Development

Housing is just one side of the equation: we need to preserve and create new family wage jobs here.

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